The way that Glew does order attribution is called First Order Attribution. We take the channel that brought your customer to the site and created the sale, and we forever attribute the Lifetime Value of that customer to that channel.

For example, if a customer buys three different times and the first sale came through Paid Search while the second and third derived from Direct Traffic, Glew would then attribute the revenue from all three sales to Paid Search.

Why did we chose this model? We chose First Order Attribution because it highlights how you gained a customer, where they initially came in from and how much that channel is worth to your store in the long run.

Aquisition is Key

Marketing to current customers is a no-brainer. You’re going to hit them with email campaigns, coupon codes and social ads. Cookies can follow their digital tracks and retarget the exact products they were viewing. You got this!

What is going to take growth to the next level is customer acquisition. For that reason, Glew has a Lifetime Value mindset over a transaction-based focus. Our First Order Attribution is to help stores understand the true value of each advertising channel so you focus on the channels bringing in new customers.

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